Клип Сергея Лазарева на песню для «Евровидения»


«You Are The Only One»!

Клип Сергея Лазарева на песню для «Евровидения»

В сети появился клип Сергея Лазарева на песню You Are The Only One, которую он собирается представить на ежегодном музыкальном конкурсе «Евровидение»-2016. Лазарев рассказал, что решающую роль в его согласии представлять Россию на конкурсе сыграла именно песня. Ее автором стал Филипп Киркоров.

«Я в эту песню влюблен, честно, всей душой. Эта песня заставила меня в этом году дать согласие на участие в конкурсе «Евровидение». 


Sergey Lazarev presented his song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm. The composition is called You Are The Only One. It has been created by the international «dream team»: famous Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos, Russian singer, composer and producer Philipp Kirkorov and the text authors John Ballard from England and Ralph Charlie from Sweden. «I think the song has incredible magnetism and power», Sergey says. «When I heard it for the first time in the studio, I was amazed by its emotional glow, energy and significance. This song in the end influenced my decision to accept the offer of TV channel «Russia» management to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. » Also one of the song creator, Philipp Kirkorov, stated: «The song was done by a team of the extremely talented people, it fits perfectly in the music format of Eurovision, and at the same time it has exceptional energy and bright individuality.» Sergey Lazarev also presented a video clip for his competition song. The director Konstantin Cherepkov had worked with Sergey before (videos In the Heart, It is All Her and others). And the main heroine of the video became Vladislava Evtushenko, Russian participant of Miss Universe 2015. The video is created by means of sophisticated 3D-mapping. It was filmed in December in Moscow in secrecy. In a specially arranged white studio powerful projectors on the base of special graphic programs and images radically altered the environment, moved the characters in new changing and incredible surroundings. In the video there is almost no editing, everything was filmed with long scenes, which gives the viewer a feeling that the video is done in real time. «The video making was a relatively long process, it was important to catch the right moment in the 3D projection, change the costume in the moment when the camera was not directed on me, but on my partner in the video – Vladislava,» says Sergey. «Before the takes, we rehearsed the movements of the cameras, change of light and costumes, performances of dancers and firemen.Any mistake made us basically to start filming from the very beginning. As a result, we have a very exciting video.Enjoy»

Фото опубликовано Sergey Lazarev (@lazarevsergey)

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